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We look forward to helping you! We are happy to help you with your personal issues, from questions about the job market and starting a career to setting up your own business. We show you the many options there are when it comes to work and the job market.


Jessi can solve conflicts and problems in her sleep. During the day the educator continues her training, most recently as an online marketing manager. She is available to answer questions about the job market.

It is Jessi's mission to show people what's possible. For her, it's all about opportunities and participation. Jessi is very well versed in digital communication, which she uses to help you with your questions about work.


Career and life paths are rarely straightforward, and Natalie understands complicated life situations. And she also knows this from her own experience.

Natalie used to work in the commercial sector. Then she did a degree in social work. She is well versed in the digital world and understands unusual life situations as well. Natalie will be happy to help you with questions about (part-time) work, professional participation and many other topics relating to the labour market.


Who deals with what problem? Which organisation offers what? Sebastian is very knowledgeable and provides guidance on all topics related to work. He has helped many people find their feet over the years.

Sebastian is a trained childhood educator. He has always been in contact with local providers of educational services. He knows who to call and is happy to share this knowledge with you. He is available to answer your questions about the job market.


Whether it's childcare and work, entering the job market or part-time work during parental leave, Heike is available to help you with all work-related topics.

Heike used to be a day care centre manager and is a mother who has just returned to work after maternity leave. This makes her an expert when it comes to balancing childcare, work and private life. She also knows the right contact points for all questions relating to the job market.


Looking for a new opportunity? Catching up on qualifications and rethinking ways to enter the job market? It doesn't matter where you're coming from, Sabine knows where you can go.

Sabine, who is herself a single parent, has many years of experience in education, business and all things learning. Whether in person or digitally, she is happy to talk to you about any topic related to the job market. Sabine likes to listen, support people and help people make choices. She looks forward to sharing her comprehensive knowledge of the job market with you.