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The path to employment is not always easy. Perhaps you find it difficult balancing everyday life, taking care of children or family members and work? Maybe you're not sure what to do after a long break? Or perhaps you're at the very beginning of your working life and are wondering how to navigate the job market? Our team of dedicated professional contact persons is here to support you on your journey into and through your working life. We give you an overview of the various support options, points of contact as well as training and further education options.

This is us

We look forward to helping you! We are happy to help you with your personal issues, from questions about the job market and starting a career to setting up your own business. We show you the many options there are when it comes to work and the job market.


Tips and information

Here you can find points of contact and links that help you navigate your professional and family life. Whether you’re searching for work, looking to advance or continue your professional education, starting a family, beginning an apprenticeship or returning to work after a break – you’ll find clear information to assist you in any circumstance here.


If you have any questions about the project, our team or anything else, please send us an email.

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