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Tips and information

Here you can find points of contact and links that help you navigate your professional and family life. Whether you’re searching for work, looking to advance or continue your professional education, starting a family, beginning an apprenticeship or returning to work after a break – you’ll find clear information to assist you in any circumstance here.

Vocational guidance

Whether you’re looking to enter the world of work or change careers, go to university, undergo training or further education: on these pages you’ll find answers to your most pressing questions about work and career.

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Help for parents

Mothers, fathers and guardians constantly face changing conditions and often professional challenges. Balancing work, childcare, household, partnership and daily life requires organisation. Parents must balance their children’s needs and their own, especially when it comes to finding useful support or the right work model. You can find information about services, advice and counselling, as well as funding options here.

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Support for caregivers

Caring for and looking after a family member is particularly challenging. People who perform care work dedicate significant time and energy to attending to the needs of those in their care. And they have to juggle this with their own personal lives and sometimes work commitments. If you are in this situation, you can find an overview of the benefits and services you’re entitled to and where you can find help and advice here.

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Information and points of contact for people with disabilities

Whether you live with a permanent or temporary disability or have parenting responsibilities for a child with a disability, regardless of the nature of the disability: Get an overview of the support options and development opportunities here.

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Help in difficult life situations

Things don’t always go according to plan. Navigating a difficult separation, problems at school or work, an unexpected pregnancy or simply wondering “What do I want from my life?”; people often encounter these or similar challenges. However, no one needs to face these challenges alone. Many counselling and advice centres as well as information and support services are available to assist you if you encounter challenging situations in your life. You can find an overview of these services here.

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